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Android App Engineer


About the Role

Typically requires minimum 3 years' of related experience and a Bachelor's degree, or 1 year anda Master's degree


  • Excellent in Problem solving, Data Structures & Algorithms.

  • Programming skills: Java/Kotlin, Android Framework

  • Should be comfortable with requirement analysis, optimal Design & secure implementation on Android.

  • Good experience on Android Application / framework development.

  • Should be familiar with service interactions using GRPC, REST etc.. from Android Client.

  • Participate in solving issues coming from verification department or market and improving quality of application/service.


  • Working experience of non-custodial crypto wallet development

  • Working experience with Secure OS, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), TUI, TA etc..

  • Working experience with public Blockchain networks Bitcoin, Ethereum etc..

  • Have good experience & understanding of Cryptography, different consensus protocols, Smart Contracts, DApps etc.

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